Advanced Technologies Lab Manual

Now, Easily Download the Complete Practical Lab File of Advanced Technologies i.e. AT. This File covers all the practicals according to the prescribed syllabus.The file is Specially Designed for the Students of MCA and (3rd Year) with Computer Science Stream. The File also contains Index of the above Practicals with their complete Outputs.

This Practical File Consist of the below Practicals with their Outputs:-

  1. Introduction to Java. Programs of Java implementing interface.
  2. Learn Visual Basic environment and develop simple calculator.
  3. Generate a Editor Screen containing menus using java.
  4. Create an applet with a text field and three buttons. When you press each button make some different text appear in the text field.
  5. Create an applet with a text field and button. Write a handleEvent() So that if the button has the focus characters typed into it will appear in the text field.
  6. Develop a servlet that gets invoked when a form on a webpage in HTML is submitted.
  7. Java Networking-java socket and RMI.
  8. Introduction to ASP.NET.


Still If you want some more Practicals related to Advanced Technologies then Feel Free to Comment Below.

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